Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 3, keepin it coming!!

Salutations fellow swole ass brahs

Today was day 3, unfortunately had the day off from the gym though :(, oh well, can look forward to it tomorrow :D

Been feeling kind of out of it lately though, especially in the mornings, but I usually pick myself up by the time the afternoon comes, which is when workout time rolls along. I dunno, been thinking about deloading for a week starting next week. Any opinions? Anyone else do this regularly? I've never purposely deloaded out of the 2 years of on and off training, sounds like it might help me with my problem. Let me know what you think below.

On the bright side, it finally rained down here in FL, was drifting in the streets all day lolz. Not lookin forward to the project I have to do tonight PLUS 3 tests to study tomorrow, dat senioritis kickin in... : /

Oh yeah and random question, if any of you have tried vanilla or banana myofusion, can you let me know what you think of it? I need a new whey and am gonna order whichever one people say tastes better. Thanks!

Oh and any suggestions on what you guys want to see in the next blogs, I'm all ears. Also following all your brahs' blogs, pretty beastily and unique sh*t some of you guys got out there.

Well, until tomorrow. Peace


  1. school semester just started for me today. I don't have three tests coming up like you but it is going to blow once it does.

  2. nice way to whore yourself out, 81 followers in 3 days. jesus christ

  3. 3 tests = a lot of stress :(
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  4. When you feel like deloading it's usually about time to do it. Brings pack the flow again

  5. =O Plyoathlete follows my blog? Is this real life?

    Lol but thanks for the advise brah, will start next week