Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back from the break

Goddamn what a break. Lol.

I don't really know what happened, but I kinda got lazy and stopped the blogging for a while. Oh well, I'm back and this time it's for sure.

With regards to the workouts, I've made a lot of progress, made some PRs, gained a bit of size.

No big deal.

I'm on my deload this week, 55% of all weight, same volume. Reason I'm doing so is stalling on a lot of lifts and for the mental break as well. I recommend everyone deload every 6-8 weeks, it really does help and it's a really overlooked technique

I'm also really happy school is finished. Graduated last Sunday and should receive my diploma in the mail any time now (yup, they didn't give em out at graduation, lol)

Weighed in at 159 yesterday, feels much better than the 138 I was at last year (ED ftl) Plan on bulking straight through summer, fuck yeahhh

Also forgot to mention, I'm on Lyle's Generic Bulking Split instead of Layne's PHAT now. I was definitely not advanced enough for that split, burned out real quick. This plan's much better suited for an intermediate like me.

More updates to come tomorrow, till then I'm out brahs

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  1. Nice brah! Congratulations on the graduation! GJ with the bulk too. I had the same problem with Layne Norton's PHAT routine. I was really sore for the first 2 weeks, but by the 3rd week, your body really gets used to it. I love the split now, one of the best I've tried. But let me know how Lyle's split goes. Looking forward to more updates brah, hit me back.